Magic has its basics in seven magic fields (or skills), whereas each field includes ten unique spells. To gain knowledge of a field of magic, the character must first obtain a magical book and by learning it he gets a new skill. At the beginning of the game you can choose—based on the selected character—which magic skills (fields of magic) you want to know from start; the remaining fields must then be learnt by the main character from obtained books.

The main character can gradually improve in all fields of magic and gain higher levels of knowledge (so called masteries) in them that will bring him a betterment of spell effects.

All main characters are allowed to gain knowledge of any permitted or forbidden field of magic. Yet only the priest can achieve the highest mastery level. Paladin can reach the level of student only, while the thief can get up to the level of initiate.

To attain a higher mastery level, it is always necessary for the main character to gain a certain experience level and he must have the intelligence and the respective skill (field of magic) at the required level as well. Conditions for attaining a higher mastery level are the same for all seven fields of magic:

  • Novice – skill 1; Intelligence 1; level 1
  • Student – skill 6; Intelligence 18; level 15
  • Initiate – skill 11; Intelligence 38; level 35
  • Magister – skill 16; Intelligence 60; level 45


Fields of magic are furthermore divided into permitted and forbidden according to which magical books the Holy Mother Church allowed and which it rejected.


The permitted books of magic are:

Theologia Arcanea - book of divine magic
Spells: Bless / Endurance / Solid Faith / Healing Touch / Lightning Protection /
Reflect Wounds / Divine Mercy / Holy Ground / Transsubstation / Raise Dead
Adversum Maleficarum - book of magic of true faith
Spells: Frost Protection / Cure Disease / Purge / Protection / Shield of Faith /
Dispel Magic / Lightning / Exile / Spiritual Shield / Pillar of Salt
Diquisitiones Magicae - book of magic of miracles
Spells: Insight / Word of an Angel / Blade of Fire / Locust Swarm / Levitation /
Salvation / Sacrifice / Halo / Archangel’s Power / Divine Wrath
Directorium Inquisitorum - book of inquisitorial magic
Spells: Sixth Sense / Open Wounds / Curse / Light / Blinding /
Crucifixion / Stoning / Invisibility / Stigma / Turn to Ashes

The forbidden books of magic are:

Liber Artum Magicarum Prohibitarum - book of heretical magic
Spells: Confusion / Fear / Breath of Death / Astral Attack / Swarm of Flies /
Vampirism / Decay / Plague / Instant Death / Dance of the Dead
Elenchós Tés Pseudonymú Gnóseós - book of pagan magic
Spells: Overdose / Keen Senses / Poison Protection / Stone Skin / Berserker /
Shatter / Storm / Regeneration / Ball of Lightning / Rain of Fire
Liber Lucifer Ordinis Novi - book of infernal magic
Spells: Intoxication / Fire Protection / Poisonous Saliva / Insanity / Crown of Thorns /
Frost / Possession / Infernal Hounds / Infernal Flames / Dark Mass