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Theologia Arcanea - book of divine magic

Spells: Bless / Endurance / Solid Faith / Healing Touch / Lightning Protection /
Reflect Wounds / Divine Mercy / Holy Ground / Transsubstation / Raise Dead

The book named Theologia Arcanea was written by one of the most important thinkers of the faithful world—by Saint Efarius. It deals with the relationship between the divine power and all of creation. After indispensable initial evidence of the existence of God and after a metaphysical treatise follows an analysis of the divine power and of mystical experience which is directly used to live through the omnipresent divine impeccability of the Holy Ghost.

The book is the cornerstone for the understanding of the mystical powers contained within the rites and symbols of the Holy Mother Church. The text is considered to be almost as important as the Scriptures themselves even though it was not written by any of the prophets. An understanding of the principles described in the book is very difficult, the one who manages to grasp the secrets of divine magic though will become a stout supporter of the divine order. Nevertheless there are some who criticize an uncontrolled spreading of this work as it could allow heretics to examine the depths of the manifestations of the divine power in connection with the creation and use such a knowledge not to protect the divine order but to threaten it!

  • This spell adds bonus to attack and penetration of spells cast.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • Duration of this spell increases with the mastery level of the caster.

Anything done in the name of God is done with God’s blessing. Therefore everything that must be done in the name of the Savior must necessarily be worth blessing. This idea contributed to the creation of the Bless spell which helps the faithful by increasing their ability to cast spells using the spiritual influence of the currents of metaphysical fundamentals of the faith. Temporarily of course.

  • This spell increases the speed of stamina regeneration.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • Duration of this spell and speed of stamina regeneration increases with the mastery level of the caster.

If one‘s body is weak his mind is weak as well, says Holy Scripture. It is true that the condition of the body is closely interconnected with the condition of mind and spirit which always has to be prepared to resist the seduction of the devil. Therefore the thinkers who were creating the principles of the divine magic also focused on protecting the body from exhaustion for this strengthens the person and protects his spirit from the dangers of fainting. The Endurance spell removes exhaustion from the target using the powers of divine mercy.

Solid Faith
  • This spell temporarily adds bonuses to the physical and magic resistance of the target and with the increasing mastery level also to poison, fire and lightning resistances.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The resistance bonus increases with the mastery level of the caster. The duration of the spell increases as well.

The Holy Scripture says that the First Prophet was a human son of God Almighty which endowed him with such a strong faith that no other human in the world could ever be so strong in faith as him. However, everyone should try to fulfil the legacy of the First Prophet who prophesied hope and salvation to people. Faith is the most precious gift from God and it was given to protect one from hell as well as to make sure that one’s soul finds eternal salvation. This basic theological thesis was adapted by the spiritual fathers of divine magic into a formula which can multiply one’s faith and transfer it to a form of metaphysical power.

Healing Touch
  • This spell heals a certain amount of hit points.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The number of hit points healed increases with the mastery level of the caster.

According to the Holy Scripture the First Prophet had the power to heal using only the strength of his will. This way he was able to heal many deadly wounds inflicted to a faithful by a pagan living in a sin without the sacrament of baptism. This power was attributed to divine mercy which the First Prophet was able to summon through the power of his strong faith. This principle was used by the spiritual thinkers who developed divine magic and led to the creation of a magical formula which works on the same principle, that is to heal inflicted wounds by summoning healing powers.

Lightning Protection
  • This spell temporarily increases lightning resistance.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • Lightning resistance and spell duration increase with the mastery level of the caster.

Lightning is a symbol of divine wrath but it can be used to bring harm to the faithful as well. However since it is a divine element the thinkers were able to analyze its essence and create a magical formula which is able to decompose the lightning into many flows of energy and deflect them into several directions so that they do not do any harm.

Reflect Wounds
  • This spell reflects part of the damage taken back to the attacker.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The higher mastery level the caster is, the bigger part of the damage is reflected back to the attacker.

In Jehrom’s and Thumiel’s story of the Holy Scripture a divine intervention occured at the moment when faithful Jehrom was to be killed by his pagan brother Thumiel. Owing to the divine will Jehrom’s fatal wound was transferred to Thumiel, killing him instantly while Jehrom was left without a scratch. This story of divine mercy was an inspiration to the spiritual thinkers who were discovering the secrets of divine magic and they managed to find a magical formula which summons divine powers to protect the target of the spell by transferring his wounds to the one who inflicted them.

Divine Mercy
  • This spell transfers the caster to a place where the Holy Ground spell was cast for the last time.
  • Only the caster can be the target.
  • The casting time decreases with the increasing mastery level of the caster.

Divine mercy is fundamental for the divine magic because it represents basic metaphysical substrate this kind of magic is based on. It has all kinds of various manifestations and so there are many magical formulas of divine magic which turn to it. One of these manifestations is the magical teleportation—a disappearance of the body of the target and its relocation to a different, safe place. The magical formula used can cumulate a huge amount of matter of the divine power in the blink of an eye and direct it in such a strong flow that it can relocate a body from place to place instantly.

Holy Ground
  • This spell destroys all undead monsters which are lower than a certain level. The surviving undead and demonic creatures are badly wounded during the time of effect of this spell.
  • Any being in the area of effect of this spell can be the target.
  • The higher the mastery level of the caster, the more powerful undead are sent back to the underworld by this spell.

A place sanctified according to the rite of the Holy Mother Church offers the faithful much better protection from all evil than any wall or palisade, for the ground sprinkled with the Holy water and saturated with an eternal spiritual imprint of the religious ritual repels all evil and lessens the power of the devil’s servants. This well known fact led the spiritual thinkers to the examination of what was happening during the process of sanctifying a place which brought marvellous knowledge that was then used for the creation of a magical formula that in a single moment simulates the whole ritual of sanctifying the ground. Not even Holy water is needed because it can be compensated for by the power of concentrated and multiplied true faith.

  • This spell turns the target into a harmless lamb.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.

The Holy Scripture speaks of the transsubstation as of a manifestation of divine wrath which grows bigger with the gruesomeness of crimes committed by the target of the divine wrath. For instance, in the story of the treacherous Gangliel the perfidious merchant is turned into a donkey for choosing profit instead of mercy—this story is thus an example of the change of a body of a human to a body of an animal as a means of just punishment, and the Transsubstantion spell uses the same principle.

Raise Dead
  • This spell resurrects one dead character from the caster’s party.
  • This spell affects only dead characters from caster’s party.

Resurrection is one of the biggest miracles one can encounter both in the Holy Scripture and in real life. With the help of divine mercy a dead person can be brought back to life. The process of full revitalization of a human being includes returning his soul back to his body—i.e. it is not just a filthy reanimation of a dead body using a soul brought by force from the Afterworld. It is an act of a truly divine love of human. The Raise Dead spell is similar to this miracle and it is able to resurrect a person who is close with the caster using the psychological—that is spiritual—bonds between the two.