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Martin Kovar ( - 11.10.2016, 08:34
re: spell: Curse
Have a look at this Steam thread please, it might help you a bit in understanding all the various effects and spells:
Kivlov - 9.10.2016, 17:15
spell: Curse
I don't know wtf do thi f*#$%ing spell called "curse" i read it but i don't understand it....
Martin Kovar ( - 3.10.2016, 09:40
Great. I'm glad you managed to solve it and that you enjoyed the game.
noob ( - 30.9.2016, 11:32
Yeah I tried that but it seems those map screenshots have been deleted/removed from that website. Anyway I figured how to unlock those doors. Had to do some pixel hunting but in the end it was worth it. Perception skill doesn't seem to detect those secret doors but somehow I managed to find them out. Done with the game finally and I really liked the ending. Thanks for your help and quick response like always. I hope soon we get to see another installment of this game.
Martin Kovar ( - 30.9.2016, 08:13
re: Royal Burial Chambers
Hi noob, there are four levels in total in the Royal Burial Chamber. If you are looking for an exit to the third level, you can find it in the center of the first level. You have to unlock another door before getting to the exit, and to do so you need a Royal Burial Chamber Key from Princess Theresia that inhabits the easternmost room of the second level. The appropriate maps from Nilex that can be downloaded in this GOG post could help you:
noob ( - 30.9.2016, 02:05
Royal Burial Chambers
Hi there, I am stuck at Royal Burial chambers. I wiped clean both the floors and searched for secret passage or something but I couldn't find anything. I gotta find laurencius to finish the game. Have you got screenshot a something to help me out?
noob ( - 26.9.2016, 09:11
Yeah I am through all of that. Thanks!!
Martin Kovar ( - 26.9.2016, 08:06
ad the door in the Devil's Caverns: To open the door you are standing in front of you need a Lizards' Key that drops from a Raptorman behind the door in the western part of this level - in an area you already explored according to the screenshot.

ad the third piece of evidence against Cardinal Truncquillius: Yes, that was Ethien de Pasque you executed at the stake and yes, to obtain that last piece of evidence against Cardinal from Dieter von Gelbendiel you need to complete a quest about missing girls for him first. And yes, to complete this quest you have to find Tom Clifford at the bottom of the Devil's Caverns.

ad Alvaron: Alvaron NW appears on the world map at the moment Cardinal Truncquillius is executed.

ad Baron von Blutenreich: Take all the twelve corpses to the von Blutenreich tomb at the Royal Cemetery (the tomb in the NE part) and put them to rest there. Then go back to their house in Alvaron SE and kill the Baron's Ghost. Finally, go tell Gerbert of Rowington to Alvaron SW about it.
noob ( - 26.9.2016, 04:41
Baron von Blutenreich
Hi there

Do you know how to remove the curse? I have found the remains of his wives(12) but not sure what am I supposed to do.
noob ( - 24.9.2016, 08:59
I relaunched the game just now and found, alvaron is right there. Sorry to bother you and thanks for all the help you provided.