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Martin Kovar ( - 9.5.2017, 09:16
re: inquisitor
Try to discuss it with Sheriff Smith in West Glatzburg.
Shiva Prasad ( - 8.5.2017, 11:45
I have Montreux head with I need to know from whom the quest will be given.
Martin Kovar ( - 23.11.2016, 08:43
re: inquisitor
Hi shiva, I haven't played as a paladin or thief much, but the condition for Rodrigo de Velacor to answer your question should be the same for all classes and all difficulty levels - you have to meet a certain "popularity" with him. Unfortunately, I don't know what affects this - maybe you have to complete some other quests first, if you still have some of them unfinished.
shiva prasad ( - 22.11.2016, 17:41
hi,when ever I played at high difficulty level either as a paladin or thief, I have a major problem.the issue is I manage to get two testimonials from Guspato letti and Trisstan,the chamber maid in solving the case of king Edward 2 murder. But when I speak to to Rodrigr de velocor ,the first knight he refuses to answer how he got wounds on his face. how ever I jumbled my way of asking questions, he is not talking about that with me. please guide me .
Martin Kovar ( - 14.11.2016, 08:54
re: Trollus Bilealins herb, amulet of Murderous rage
Hello JW,

ad 1) It seems that the only way to get the Troll Bile Herb is from Thelma Ulthraum in Schwarzwald. Without it, I'm afraid that there is no way to close the quest. But you could try to add this item into your inventory with a console command - let's just hope it won't break something elsewhere in the game:
- Press ~ and type \givenewitem TrolliZlucKytka
- Press Enter.

ad 2) In case you end up with the Cursed Amulet of Murderous Rage after you have completed the quest for Hector de Froix to find the paladin Minfred von Siegel, I guess you can equip it yourself or sell it. But out of curiosity, what is it that Hector says to you if you talk to him again now? And what does he say if you destroy the amulet in your inventory now before talking to him again?
JW ( - 13.11.2016, 14:34
Trollus Bilealins herb, amulet of Murderous rage
Hey everyone! I've got problems with two quests.
1) Curing Vanessa of Rentworth (Arvalon). Is there any way to get trollus bilealins herb if I decided NOT to force herbalist to gtve it to me when I met her in Shwatzwald? Or at least close the quest somehow.
2) After completing the quest of Hector de Froix (Citadel) is there any use of amulet of Murderous rage?
Martin Kovar ( - 7.11.2016, 08:57
re: Portal to level 4 of Archepiscopal dungeon
Hello Paladin,

the portal in Archiepiscopal Dungeon - Level 1 must be activated from the other side, meaning you have to enter it from Level 4 first to be able to use it from Level 1 as well. Its functionality should not be related to whether you killed Commendoni or not.

And as far as those two doors on Level 3 are concerned, they are locked for good and there is no way to open them. The entrance to Level 4 is in the center (more or less) of Level 2.
Paladin ( - 5.11.2016, 02:45
Portal to level 4 of Archepiscopal dungeon
Hello! I'm near the end of the game.

Already killed 2 of the 3 demon lords, I'm only missing Cerdie.

I know she is in the Devil's Hole of the Archiepiscopal Dungeon in Alvaron.

The problem is, there should be an open portal in the 1st level of this dungeon, as I already cleared it when I killed Commendoni.

But as I walk through the portal, nothing happens. I also tried to go through the conventional path, but on Level 3 the doors are locked and I can't get the keys anymore because I already killed those «bosses».

Am I missing something? Thanks!
Martin Kovar ( - 2.11.2016, 07:46
re: People
Hello Mik, you can find Cardinal Truncquillius on the third level of the Glatzburg’s Episcopate Dungeon. But you can get there only after you have received a warrant for him from Judge Welfhar - and for that you need not just the Incriminating Heretical Letters, but also the confession of Grand Duchess Yulliette Heidrick and the testimony of Master Dieter von Gelbendiel.
Mik ( - 1.11.2016, 12:14
Hello!!! Where to find cardinal Tranquilly from Slazburg after reading his secret letters?