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Martin Kovar ( - 2.11.2018, 09:55
re: Chateau de Trebrechette
You cannot do that on your own, but you can send me your latest save and I will give it a try.
jkhristian ( - 1.11.2018, 17:55
re: Chateau de Trebrechette
How can I adjust my save file?
Martin Kovar ( - 1.11.2018, 09:13
re: Chateau de Trebrechette
Did you offer your help with finding the wine for him in your opening dialogue with him (thus receiving the "Bring the wine" quest)? If not, the innkeeper will not react to you having the wine in your inventory later on. This is how some side quests work in Inquisitor. And if this is what happened then there is no way to change it other than manually adjusting your save file, I'm afraid.
jkhristian ( - 1.11.2018, 03:07
Chateau de Trebrechette
Innkeeper Weintraum won't take the wine! Can you help me Kovi?
Martin Kovar ( - 10.10.2018, 08:56
re: Ancient Key
The Ancient Key from the second level of the Orcs Caves (down below the Iron Mines) unlocks a door on the first level of the Orcs Caves.
jkhristian ( - 10.10.2018, 05:32
Ancient Key
Does anyone remember what the Ancient Key from the Iron Mines is used for?
Martin Kovar ( - 16.5.2018, 07:47
re: Bug Linda Act I
Oh, I see... And are you Le Dernier Connard from the Steam discussion? If so, I can see you have solved your issue and can go on fighting heretics.
TheLastAsshole ( - 15.5.2018, 11:04
Bug Linda Act I
Hello, thanks for reply. i'm playing English GOG version : )
Martin Kovar ( - 15.5.2018, 10:40
re: Bug Linda Act I
Hello, I have just replied to your post on Steam but I also saw there that you are playing Inquisitor in French and in Inquisitor, translations can break the game sometime (the ingame text is spread across several hundreds of text files and one error can break a whole quest). Can you try to switch your game to English? Or please make sure you have the latest version of the French translation because it has been updated a few times after it was made public.
TheLastAsshole ( - 14.5.2018, 20:09
Bug Linda Act I
Hello. I discovered this wonderful game and i really enjoy it. But...i encounter a bug at the end of Act I, i cant ask to arrest Linda, and i cant show the dead girl corpse to Quenticus.
I cant move no more in the game ! Please help me !