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Martin Kovar ( - 6.7.2022, 08:38
re: Possible remake
Hi Rod96lp, we are glad you like our game but I do not think we will be able to create a remake or a new version of Inquisitor with improved graphics and gameplay, unfortunately.
Rod96lp ( - 6.7.2022, 06:06
Possible remake
Hi I had been seriously thinking that this game deserves a remake or if possible , improved graphics and gameplay, becuase the story and lore is amazing
Martin Kovar ( - 23.3.2022, 07:51
re: How can you go through the abyss, lava and similar obstacles?
Hi Mark, I think you could try drinking an appropriate potion, like the Potion of Fire Protection before crossing a lava pool, drinking a Potion of Speed to get across faster, or equipping items that grant an appropriate resistance. I am not sure how much that will help though. As far as an abyss goes, there is no such way, apart from finding an alternate route... Learning the Levitation spell is by far the best solution.
Mark ( - 20.3.2022, 19:44
How can you go through the abyss, lava and similar obstacles?
Hey! How can you go through the abyss, lava and similar obstacles? I know that there is a Levitation spell, but I have not studied the magic of miracles, is there any alternative?
Martin Kovar ( - 20.10.2021, 08:46
re: Quentinus bugged act1

regarding Quentinus: That's a really odd issue... Could it be you hit him by accident? With a spell or a seal, for example?

Regarding Master Edmond d'Arvias's sword: This also seems odd. If you have his sword in your inventory, there should be nothing hindering you from returning it to him...

I think it would be best if I looked into your latest save and tried to fix whatever issues there are. Can you please let me have it? You can find saves in your "Documents\Inquisitor_SaveGames" folder.
kanon ( - 15.10.2021, 11:53
Quentinus bugged act1
Hi, I am stuck in orc caves because i cannot free quentinus, he's already free near jail and start throwing lightnings and attacking me, I can attack him because shows as an enemy but don't die. Also have Edmond's sword but impossible to return him back, killed the orc master and rescued baronese.

Please help
Martin Kovar ( - 28.7.2021, 08:47
re: New updates? And some lags
Unfortunately not, there will be no new updates or content to the game. It is simply because the development team disbanded in the meantime and there is no one left to make that happen.

Regarding lags, that is hard to tell. It can be that your computer does not fully meet game's hardware requirements, but because Inquisitor is an older game it is also possible that it does not work ideally on your computer. If I am not mistaken, no one reported this before which could mean it is not a general issue but something that really relates to your machine. What game version (GOG/Steam) and language version of Inquisitor do you use?
Constantine ( - 23.7.2021, 01:06
New updates? And some lags
Will there be new updates or content to the game?
Also, there are lags when I talk with NPCs although my PC has 4GB of RAM and 1.8gHz, is that a bug or is my computer at fault?
Martin Kovar ( - 19.11.2020, 13:31
You can find cheats here, for example:
patty ( - 16.11.2020, 16:32
Pleeease, some cheats...hahahahahhah