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Martin Kovar ( - 10.7.2014, 09:17
re: Cant Complete Quest
The herbal for Ellisia can be acquired in Iron Mines (in the surface location before you enter the mines themselves). Orc shaman Revkan should have it on him.
Homersnipe79 ( - 10.7.2014, 02:20
Cant Complete Quest
ok, so I got the quest from Ellisia and went to Asherbalt to get her book. I killed everything on the map, looted everything and I still cant find the book. Help?
Martin Kovar ( - 9.7.2014, 09:12
re: Mods
I think that it would be ok to make mods for Inquisitor, but unfortunately there is not and will not be any mod kit available for download.
Homersnipe79 ( - 9.7.2014, 02:54
Is it ok that we can make mods for this game? If so do you have a SDK mod kit to download?
jkhristian ( - 24.6.2014, 23:34
I may have forgotten to get the quest. I was replaying and was I'm such a hurry to get to Act 3 I may have jumped the gun. :(
Martin Kovar ( - 24.6.2014, 12:57
re: Can't get reward for destroying Istwan De Bragho
Do you have the quest to kill Istwan in your Journal? It is a side quest and you do not have to accept it. If you do not and kill Istwan nevertheless later on you cannot get a reward from Yan for it because there is no quest he could award you for. The Journal text should start with "Yan Flemberg, the executioner of Glatzburg, has implored me to destroy the cursed Duke Istwan de Bragho..."
jkhristian ( - 24.6.2014, 04:09
Can't get reward for destroying Istwan De Bragho
I wont let me tell Yan Flemberg that he is dead. Help!
Martin Kovar ( - 26.5.2014, 08:08
arvel1990: Unfortunately, we are not able to prepare an Italian translation ourselves. But we are ready to help any Italian fans of Inquisitor willing to create their own fan translation of the game.

fetafretka: Do you have some magical boxes? You could try to send a genie against them.
fetafretka - 25.5.2014, 13:51
act II the church
can anyone help me out with the church level in act 2? im geting absolutly wrecked by the inquisitors, im playing a preist and wearing all my spell sheilds but nothing seems to work, im stuck and cant go on because some one though it a good idea to give the inquisitors spells that kill you in 3 hits, masive amounts of mana potions AND the ability to hiper-cast
arvel1990 ( - 23.5.2014, 16:55
Good evening, sorry to bother you, you could also translate it briefly in Italian?, is a wonderful game but do not know English