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Martin Kovar ( - 24.4.2024, 09:23
Hi Maciek33, if I am not mistaken, there is no cap for the main character level. I think that you simply run out of quests that you could get XP reward from and killing respawned enemies will bring less and less XP that you simply stop leveling at some point. I loaded my final priest save and I can see that my character is Level 54.
Maciek33 ( - 17.4.2024, 16:32
I want to ask, how many character levels we can gain durning whole game?
Martin Kovar ( - 14.2.2024, 08:10
re: Polish localization of the game - permission to create
Hi Karolina, thanks for your interest in creating Polish localization of Inquisitor. I will send you an email shortly so that we can discuss all the details.
Karolina ( - 7.2.2024, 13:34
Polish localization of the game - permission to create
I would like to do a Polish translation of the game. I love coming back to it from time to time. I know that someone already took on this challenge a couple of years ago, but as I read on a certain forum, the work stopped and there is no contact with this person. Generally I am one of the translators of the game "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" so I already have experience with this kind of project. From the information on the forum I found out that Mr. Martin Kovar prepared Polish fonts and subtitles in the videos for the previous ones.
Is it possible to get them and other texts for the game. Do the other texts (dialogues, item descriptions etc.) have to be translated directly in the open game (i.e. I take a screenshot of the text in the game and translate it that way) or are there text files from which the text can be extracted? If you have such it would be a great help to me, of course if you agree to translate the game.
Best regards
Martin Kovar ( - 17.1.2024, 08:11
re: Thank You
Thanks for the praise, Hank. We are glad you like Inquisitor.
Hank ( - 11.1.2024, 16:37
Thank You
This is just an incredible game. Thank you for making this and pouring so much passion and thought into creating this game and its world.

I'm engrossed. I've been gaming for decades and this game is a real gem. So, yeah, thanks guys. Stupendous stuff.
Martin Kovar ( - 3.1.2024, 08:25
re: good game
Thanks, nuclear, we are glad you like our game.
nuclear ( - 2.1.2024, 15:49
good game
this game is awesome! it's one of the very very few is not the only one that has such armor diversity where things actually change the look of your character. Man i wish there would be some part 2 of this game or more updates on this...this is a gem of a game. With a few updates this game would start getting a lot of attention
Martin Kovar ( - 22.3.2023, 09:09
@ DarMut_mh
about modding: I think that if you wanted to rebalance anything you would need to make changes in the .exe file itself. I believe that is where everything is being calculated. But I am not the game's programmer and they do not visit this forum to tell us more.

about spells: You can get some numbers in the description of each spell in your journal. For example, my description of Word of an Angel says "This spell causes 18d6 points of Physical Damage." and some other information (Casting Time, Rest and Penetration). But yes, more information would have been better.

about Word of an Angel: Yes, the damage caused increases gradually along with your knowledge of Magic of Miracles, but I do not know the exact calculation of its effects.

about skills: The calculation of their effects is based not on mastery levels (Apprentice, Disciple, Journeyman, Master) but on the current skill level (1, 2, 3, 4...). Therefore yes, it makes sense to increase a skill level from 7 to 8, for example. But each subsequent mastery level adds another effect to the skill, for example priest’s Wisdom skill lowers the price of spells at the Apprentice level, but also lowers Stamina consumption when casting at the Disciple level, and also increases Penetration of spells at the Journeyman level, and also decreases Rest time of spells at the Master level. I believe it works like this for all skills – both non-magical and magical – but as I said I sadly do not know the exact calculations for spells.

about pagan idol in the Troll’s Cave: I assume it is there just to punish you for interacting with something pagan. The Holy Mother Church probably does not like to see its sheep meddling with forbidden things.
DarMut_mh - 21.3.2023, 13:51
I don't mean clear values in 6, 11 and 16, but the numbers between them - do they make sense for the result? For example, is it possible to open a chest that does not open at the "Student" level without reaching the "Initiate" level of at least 1 point?