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Martin Kovar ( - yesterday, 07:46
re: Patch 1.10.18
Unfortunately, no news about its ETA. But testing is not the issue, it is only a small patch. It just got stuck somehow in a pipeline and can't make it through. A temporary solution for your issue could be to let all your companions go, recruit Jacques first and then recruit the rest again. You can also send your latest save to me and I will add him to your group for you.
Nilex ( - 26.8.2016, 20:16
Patch 1.10.18
Any new news on patch ETA? Stumbled upon the Jacques de Pulein conversation bug, where he refuses to acknowledge my request to join the party if I exhaust all other chat themes before that one. And that is apparently fixed in the now mythical .18 patch :)
I'm thinking if the reason for not releasing the patch is insufficient testing (QA) you guys could slap the patch into the Steam's "BETAS" tab. Other games use those for experimental builds.
I know I'm probably beating a dead horse by now but really it doesn't hurt to ask. People still like to play good and well written RPGs!

Btw, my props to Kovi. This guy is still very active in helping the community, hard to believe these days. Man is worth his weight in magical boxes for sure ;)
Martin Kovar ( - 17.8.2016, 10:20
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva, as far as an indestructible weapon is concerned I cannot help you. Maybe you could find one at a merchant if you try opening his/her inventory repeatedly, but I don't recall finding such a weapon in my playthrough, and I didn't need it anyway because I was playing as a priest on Easy difficulty. But I can help you with the other question because I brewed quite a few potions to boost my stats. First, you should study the part about Composed Potions in the Book of Magic to decide which potions (or elixirs) you want to mix and to find out which basic potions you need for them. And there is a simple rule - the better the basic potions the better the resulting composed potion. Also remember that you need Miraculous potions to be able to mix an elixir. You just have to find a merchant that specializes in potions (like Ellisia Würtenrodt in Hillbrandt) and then reroll his/her inventory until you buy all potions you need in the best quality available (that is, Miraculous). Once you have them, open your inventory, left click on the first potion, drag it over the second potion and right click. If needed, drag the resulting composed potion over the third potion and right click again. And if you want to mix an elixir, drag the resulting potion over the fourth potion and right click once again.
Shiva prasad ( - 16.8.2016, 11:45
hi, l am playing as a priest at hard level. l need to know which weapon would be indestructible and where will I get it.
now l have reached master level at alchemy skill. But I don't know how to use it. Will you explain me in detail.
Martin Kovar ( - 16.8.2016, 09:13
re: Great game
Thanks! We are glad you like our game.
yrxl ( - 11.8.2016, 18:46
Great game
I just wanted to say that I really enjoy this game! I've played it a while ago but dropped it half way in the middle. I'm playing it again now, and I have to say, I can really appreciate the devotion and hard work that went into this game. Absolutely stunning soundtracks! Super well written, and delivers an original feeling! I just keep in mind never to play on hard difficulty :)
I hope you guys make sequel to this game soon. Thanks for the great experience and good luck to all at CINEMAX!
Martin Kovar ( - 1.8.2016, 10:02
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

ad the murder: In addition to Trisstan's testimony, you also need a testimony of Gustapho Letti and you have to make two observations as well - first while examining the body of King Edward II, and second while talking to Rodrigo de Velacor. After that you can either issue a warrant for the murderer yourself or you can ask Curial Judge Gregorius for it.

ad Kenthwarr: This is something that was fixed in patch 1.10.17. Kenthwarr shouldn't ask you for the Potion of Life (which does not exist in the game) but for the Potion of Cure Disease (and the Potion of Healing, of course).

ad treasure near the bridge: You need a Treasure map from Steinger (Alvaron SE) to open this locked stash. He should give you this map while confessing to some grave robbings he did. When he confesses he also tries to bribe you (with this treasure map) to avoid torture. If you obtain that map or not depends solely on your reaction to his attempted bribe.
Shiva prasad ( - 31.7.2016, 18:33
hi, please guide me where could I get the testimony apart from trristan in solving the case of king Edward murder. Also where can I get the potion of life to solve kenthwars quest.Thirdly, there is a chest found locked just near the bridge at citadel surroundings. how can I get ?
Martin Kovar ( - 25.7.2016, 07:48
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva, you have to enter the second level through the bottom entrance, then head to the room at the very bottom of this level. There should be a Raptorman who drops a Lizard's Key for the gate on the first level that leads to the middle exit to the second level.
Shiva prasad ( - 24.7.2016, 12:24
hi, I can't able to open the Devil caverns level 1 gate which leads to middle gate that opens to the middle part of the second level. please guide me where I can get the key.