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Martin Kovar ( - 22.3.2023, 09:09
@ DarMut_mh
about modding: I think that if you wanted to rebalance anything you would need to make changes in the .exe file itself. I believe that is where everything is being calculated. But I am not the game's programmer and they do not visit this forum to tell us more.

about spells: You can get some numbers in the description of each spell in your journal. For example, my description of Word of an Angel says "This spell causes 18d6 points of Physical Damage." and some other information (Casting Time, Rest and Penetration). But yes, more information would have been better.

about Word of an Angel: Yes, the damage caused increases gradually along with your knowledge of Magic of Miracles, but I do not know the exact calculation of its effects.

about skills: The calculation of their effects is based not on mastery levels (Apprentice, Disciple, Journeyman, Master) but on the current skill level (1, 2, 3, 4...). Therefore yes, it makes sense to increase a skill level from 7 to 8, for example. But each subsequent mastery level adds another effect to the skill, for example priest’s Wisdom skill lowers the price of spells at the Apprentice level, but also lowers Stamina consumption when casting at the Disciple level, and also increases Penetration of spells at the Journeyman level, and also decreases Rest time of spells at the Master level. I believe it works like this for all skills – both non-magical and magical – but as I said I sadly do not know the exact calculations for spells.

about pagan idol in the Troll’s Cave: I assume it is there just to punish you for interacting with something pagan. The Holy Mother Church probably does not like to see its sheep meddling with forbidden things.
DarMut_mh - 21.3.2023, 13:51
I don't mean clear values in 6, 11 and 16, but the numbers between them - do they make sense for the result? For example, is it possible to open a chest that does not open at the "Student" level without reaching the "Initiate" level of at least 1 point?
DarMut_mh - 20.3.2023, 22:53
Ah, one more thing. Why do we need a pagan idol in the troll cave, the one that takes a life when clicked.
DarMut_mh - 20.3.2023, 22:48
Does it make sense to increase the parameters of skills by the amount that is between the gradations of skill levels? That is, is there any sense from skill 8, for example, in magic, or only from 11, and then 16?
DarMut_mh - 20.3.2023, 22:41
About the spell "angel's word": does it gradually cause damage? How effective can it be? It is very inconvenient that there are no exact numbers, and it feels like a lot of such magic seems absolutely useless at the initial levels.
DarMut_mh ( - 20.3.2023, 22:31
And what about modding: what to unpack to make a rebalance, or something else?
Martin Kovar ( - 8.3.2023, 12:57
re: Lava, poision lakes to cross and remake
Hi Vitec, if you mean you would be interested in making a remake of Inquisitor can you please share more information about it with me by email first?
Vitec - 7.3.2023, 12:45
Lava, poision lakes to cross and remake
Theres only one floor as a paladin in the ork caves where i would die even with 35% fire res ( equip and poition) so i also would suggest to learn the levitation spell. Would be cheaper than investing the money to get propper fire, poison ress and equip with enough resistenz to maybe reach 50% if even possible.

And overall i think that the book of magic of miracles is a nice thing to learn because a lot of spells there with only 7 points spend in to level student are nice. Blade of Fire can be used for all 3 classes to raise dmg, insight also works fine to save points in perception. Levitation works for all the lava, poision ground and swarm maybe can used as an attack skill. Only word of an angel seems to have a low pen/hit rate so in my opinion only usable if you are a priest with wisdom skilled or blessing spell at least.
But even only for the 3 spells of insight, blade of fire (also bows) and levitation are worth to skill because with insight you can save points spend in perception.

Maybe the rightsowners would be ok if someone would do a remake for free in his freetime ?
Martin Kovar ( - 6.7.2022, 08:38
re: Possible remake
Hi Rod96lp, we are glad you like our game but I do not think we will be able to create a remake or a new version of Inquisitor with improved graphics and gameplay, unfortunately.
Rod96lp ( - 6.7.2022, 06:06
Possible remake
Hi I had been seriously thinking that this game deserves a remake or if possible , improved graphics and gameplay, becuase the story and lore is amazing