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Shiva prasad ( - today, 12:26
hi, sorry l can't able to get the colliseum key that unlock the door that leads me to second level. at right bottom corner l found cupboards with spells.please tell me exact location. thank you. AA
Martin Kovar ( - today, 08:29
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

ad Coliseum: There is a Coliseum Key in the bottom right corner of the Level 1 map that should unlock the door blocking your way to Level 2, if I'm not mistaken.

ad Magister in magic skills: To become Magister in any field of magic, you have to meet several conditions - your skill level in that particular field of magic must be at least 16, your Intelligence level must be at least 60 and your character level must be at least 45. But an important thing is that bonuses do not count towards the required skill/Intelligence level when determining your mastery level. You can try to unequip all items adding bonuses to your character to see what your "real" statistics (masteries-wise) are.
Shiva prasad ( - yesterday, 18:56
hi, Iam playing at medium level as priest. l can't get into second level in Galibornium colliseum.Also l reached intiate level in all magical spell but l can't reach a master level. please guide me. thank you.
Martin Kovar ( - 30.5.2016, 08:56
re: Little bug ? Sixth sense
Hello Vincent,

please see my reply on the GOG forums. As far as I know, the amount of mana needed to cast a spell shouldn't depend on the amount of Intelligence.

At any rate, we are glad you like Inquisitor.
Vincent ( - 28.5.2016, 22:13
Little bug ? Sixth sense
Hello !
The description of the spell Sixth Sense indicates that it requires 15 mana points. In fact, my character uses 30 mana points to launch it... Is that a simple bug, or is that because of the lack of intelligence, or is that because I play in difficult mode ? I need to know that for my future builds !

Anyway, I LOVE this game, for many reasons, thanks Cinemax Team !

Martin Kovar ( - 19.5.2016, 07:42
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

ad Libre Daemonium: With this book, you can open portals to the Kingdoms in which fallen angels reside. There are three Kingdoms there - the Kingdom of Destruction can be entered through a portal on the third level of the Orcs Caves. There should be now an active portal in the Orc camp in the outside area of the Iron Mines that can take you right to the third level of the Orcs Caves. The Kingdom of Pandemonium can be entered through a portal in the Shrine of Pandemonium that lies in the Glatzburg’s Place of Execution area. And the Kingdom of Eternal Sin can be entered through a portal in the Devil’s Hole down beneath the Archiepiscopal Dungeon in Alvaron.

ad Ihman ab Sahab: He pursues the same goal as you do - he wants to get inside the Tomb of St. Orthenius in the Gardens of Grief. But if you have received the sword Inquisitor from St. Orthenius himself, you should have already met him outside the tomb.
shiva prasad ( - 18.5.2016, 13:36
Hi,I got the book libre daemonium but I don't know how to proceed.How could I able to confirm the claims of heretics from cult of the children of the New order whether the fallen angles summoned to the earth ?As per quest from Ihman ab sahab,I given the three statuettes of Angels,but he disappeared from there and I suspect him of heresy where could I found him?Also I got the weapon INQUISITOR from St.Orientous grave. I got struck here and I need your quick help Thank you.
Martin Kovar ( - 16.5.2016, 08:49
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

ad Wanda's sister: You can find Raquel in the Dark Shrine beneath the Duke Rowan van Leerin's house. To get inside the shrine, you need the Secret Entrance Key from his chamberlain, Johaness Clifford.

ad the Necklace of Death: This item drops from the Ghost of Manfred Gotfried on the third level of the Secular Tomb in Alvaron.

ad the Royal Tomb Key: You will receive this key near the end of the game once you learn who the main culprit is.

ad the Tomb of St. Orthenius: You need all three statuettes (of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel) to get inside.

ad Flask of Blessed Oil: You need to kill Judge Hermann near the entrance to the Archiepiscopal Dungeon who drops the required key. He appears there only after you have acquired the consent to arrest Inquisitor General Commendoni.

ad Glatzburg diocese key: There should be four of these keys - one opens the first locked door on the first floor of the Glatzburg’s Episcopate Dungeon, another one opens a locked door in the center of the second floor, the third one opens the door leading to Cardinal Truncquillius. But it seems I don't know what the fourth key is supposed to unlock. Either I didn't find it when playing the game, or I picked and used it without knowing it. But it seems only logical that this key should be used inside this dungeon so I suggest you to inspect all three levels of this dungeon to see if there is a door there that is still locked.

ad "church tomb key": If I'm not mistaken, there is no key of this name in the game. Please, double-check its name.
shiva prasad ( - 16.5.2016, 07:21
hi,since I love to play Inquisitor,I need your help when I got struck.I don't get any answer till now for 1.How could I find the missing sister of innkeeper Wanda Gielwitch of glatsburg?2.Where I could find the necklace of death so I could summon the ghost of executed Kathryn winhold?How could I get the ROYAL TOMB KEY of alvaron cemetry from Gustapho Letti?4.How could I enter the Saint Orientous tomb (Gardens of grief) and also alvarons Holy Mother Church dungeon level to get the flask of Blessed Oil?5.I have Glatzburg church diocese key and church tomb key .Is there any task behind it?Iam much eager to continue .I need your quick help.
shiva prasad ( - 14.5.2016, 18:19
1.I cant able to find the missing sister of inn keeper wandagielwitch from glatsburg.2.How could i summon the ghost of executed kathryn winhold?Where could i find the necklace of death?3.How could i get the ROYAL TOMB KEY of alvaron cemetry from Gustapho Letti?4.How could I enter the Saint orientous tomb(Gardens of grief)and also alvarons Holy Mother Church dungeon level to get the flask of Blessed oil?Please answer me .thankyou.