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noob ( - today, 08:59
I relaunched the game just now and found, alvaron is right there. Sorry to bother you and thanks for all the help you provided.
Noobtester ( - today, 01:57
Alright I burned Cardinal Truncquillius and then I went to Welhar but he's got nothing to say. As per the Walkthrough Guide he's supposed to send me to Alvaron. So what else do I have to do now ?
Sorry to bother you again >.<
Noobtester ( - yesterday, 21:42
Here's a screenshot of that location.
Noobtester ( - yesterday, 21:29
Need a save file
Hmm I used a cheat code to make Tom appear and made things work. I am not someone who prefers to use cheat codes but the game is so interesting I couldn't help myself and in order to continue, I had to do it and that sort of helped.
Noobtester ( - yesterday, 21:03
Need a save file
Oh lol I realised Master Dieter von Gelbendiel is the another guy. Anyway to get his testimony I suppose I have to finish the Missing girl's quest and like I said, It seems impossible to locate the second lizard's key. Infact I wiped the devil's cavern clean but no lizard's key until now.
Noobtester ( - yesterday, 20:58
Need a save file
1)The second important gate which can't be destroyed or unlocked without a key.

2)Lol I executed Master Dieter von Gelbendiel after his confession of Yulliette's involvement, I don't recall he mentioning Cardinal Truncquillius' name and yes I have Yulliette's confession. I got it before I sent her for execution and the letters too.

Martin Kovar ( - yesterday, 08:02
re: Need a save file
I'm afraid I don't have any suitable save for you. Besides, if someone sent you his/her file you would have to play as his/her character and somehow that feels odd to me.

ad 1) I think there shouldn't be a bug like this. What gate on which level of the Devil's Caverns do you mean? There is also a brand-new package of fully detailed maps on - maybe you will find an answer there.

ad 2) Do you mean Cardinal Truncquillius? You need three pieces of evidence against him for Judge Welfhar to issue a warrant for him - a confession of Grand Duchess Yulliette Heidrick, a testimony of Master Dieter von Gelbendiel and the Incriminating Heretical Letters. If you are missing any of this try to obtain it. There is a complete walkthrough on you might find useful:
Noobtester ( - yesterday, 01:36
Need a save file
I think like this it will take me forever to finish the game. Anyway if you've got a link or a saved file to share with me. Please share and help this tormented soul. lol

There are two major bugs that am facing right now.
1)I am unable to find the key for lower level gates in Devil's cavern

2) I can't accuse the main antagonist of the church in Act II, even though I got the letters(Tintham has disappeared too)
Noobtester ( - 22.9.2016, 23:28
eh another key needed at devil's cavern. >.>
Noobtester ( - 22.9.2016, 22:41
Nevermind it. I had to replay the whole map in order to obtain the key. I guess there was some sort of bug which prevented it from dropping the key. I got it thanks.