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Martin Kovar ( - 28.4.2016, 07:59
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

go back into the tomb at Hillbrandt's Cemetery where you can find the former Bishop Herbertius. Kill him and search his corpse for the Monstrance. Once you have it, talk to Romius near Hillbrandt's church, and after that report your success to Master Edmond d’Arvias. As soon as this task is completed, you will become Commander of the Brotherhood (provided you have already killed enough monsters).

But being a Commander has nothing to do with the kind of weapons and armor you can use, if I'm not mistaken. When becoming a Commander, you will just receive a special ring, some experience, attribute and skill points, as well as a key to the Brotherhood's Tower in Hillbrandt.
Shiva prasad ( - 27.4.2016, 08:06
hi, now I'm in alvaron.still I can't able to find ,who stolen the monstrance of saint oreintous.also may I know when I reach the level of a Commander so that I can use high order weapons and armour.please guide me.
Martin Kovar ( - 22.4.2016, 07:30
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva,

when you get a warrant for him from Judge Welfhar, Truncquillius hides down beneath the Glatzburg's church. At the same moment, a priest appears near the locked door on the first level of the Glatzburg's Episcopate Dungeon beneath the church. If you kill him, he drops a key allowing you to get deeper into the dungeon and continue your search for Truncquillius.

As far as magical boxes go, just right-click it and then click on the Destroy Item icon.
Shiva prasad ( - 22.4.2016, 05:39
I am searching cardinal trancquillous as I have suspicion of herasy against him. please guide me how should I continue. also guide me how to destroy a magical box and how to get into under ground level of glatsburg Church.. l stucked here. l need your help immediately.
Martin Kovar ( - 18.4.2016, 07:40
Hi Stanislav, to be able to arrest Linda van Gallagan, you need two pieces of evidence - the testimony of soldier Millward and the testimony of Bishop Quentinus.

Once you have both of them you can ask the inquisitorial prosecutor Jeremiah to issue the warrant for her. Or, if you are a priest and have completed the promotional quest "Who stole the Monstrance of Saint Orthenius?" (thus becoming inquisitorial prosecutor yourself) you can arrest her on your own will.
Stanislav Tonov ( - 17.4.2016, 16:07
Hi guys i get stuck with this baroness linda van gallgan can someone tell me how exactly i have to accuse her in heresy i need this evidence but i dont know from where to take it tnx
Martin Kovar ( - 13.4.2016, 08:09
re: Won't Load
According to a tip on Steam forums you might be able to solve this issue by setting Windows XP SP3 compatibility for Inquisitor.
Ebil-Steebi ( - 12.4.2016, 08:33
Won't Load
I bought this game on steam and it all works fine from new game and seems to save OK. However when I try to come back to it, although it lists my saves it doesn't high light them, nor does the load button light up.
Martin Kovar ( - 1.2.2016, 08:44
re: Console Prompt
The console can be accessed with the ~ key (next to 1). Once opened, a small ">" should become visible below your character's portrait, and after that you can start typing the desired commands.
ryudragon ( - 31.1.2016, 00:35
Console Prompt
I have been hearing of a console prompt but i cannot open it is there a way to get use it