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Martin Kovar ( - today, 09:20
re: update
No, there will be no new content for Inquisitor - the game was originally released in 2009, after all. We might fix a few more bugs in the future, but that's all.
doomowl ( - today, 02:53
so u guys are not going to updated this game anymore?? gosh, this is a very good game for me, i would really like to get other contain like new character, new location or anything else~
Martin Kovar ( - 17.12.2014, 10:14
re: key binding
Unfortunately, I do not think that these features will be added this long after the release. But if you would like to change key bindings, it was suggested by other players to use KeyTweak.
doomowl ( - 14.12.2014, 01:58
key binding
can u guys allow us to change the key?? this is ridiculous, the game is good, i like it, but the key is really bad, and the conversation can you guys allow us to use the 1-9 key to change the conversation option too?? because i'm using laptop to play this game but i found its not convenience for me to keep use the mouse to select the conversation
Martin Kovar ( - 10.11.2014, 08:45
re: Thx on russian language and something about translate
Hi REC_Lancet, we are glad you like Inquisitor, but I'm afraid we are not able to prepare an official Russian translation ourselves. We know about a group of Russian fans working on a Russian translation, but I don't know if their translation is the one you talk about or if there are more Russian translations now.
REC_Lancet ( - 6.11.2014, 22:53
Thx on russian language and something about translate
It is unfortunate that there is no official version in Russian.
Have to play in an unlicensed copy pirated translation into Russian. Sorry. I love the game, but I'm not very fluent in English, and the more Bohemian. The game - a masterpiece. Casual review of the resulting estimate of 80%, but a game with her oldshool style, all worth 99%. Thank you for being there. Thanks for the complexity and the 1500 pages of the plot. You are amazing, but to evaluate the game in translation (with the original idea and concept) from the developers, I could not. Would you Russian version - could profitably sell, the CIS and the Russian Federation, many would buy.
I use g00gle-translate, sorry for bag angrish, l0l.
Martin Kovar ( - 3.11.2014, 10:48
re: about the game
He fled to the pentagram at the Dragon Rock to avoid being arrested.
me ( - 3.11.2014, 09:39
about the game
I'm playing as an inquisitor. Came to aquise judge valerian, and he's gone. Cant find his anywhere in the game. And there's nothing to do more.
Martin Kovar ( - 8.10.2014, 08:58
re: How is the Inquisitor UI made?
Hello Angel, I'm afraid that I won't be able to answer your question because I wasn't part of the development team. And those who created UI in Inquisitor do not visit this forum.
Angel Venkov ( - 7.10.2014, 13:28
How is the Inquisitor UI made?
Hey guys,

I was browsing Steam for some great historic RPG and I got very impressed from Inquisitor. I have always been into RPGs and love what your team has been working on.

Nowadays players provide a lot more feedback on what they would like to see and play. I am wondering how do you constantly keep up with delivering on the expectations which the audience has. As strategy games are quite menu heavy in terms of UI I wanted to ask you how do you build the user interface for the Inquisitor.

I am part of a company called Coherent Labs which specializes in user interface and we are always interested in the best practices for UI development.

Thank you for your time.

Looking forward to hear your professional experience.

Angel Venkov

Marketing Director
Coherent Labs