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Martin Kovar ( - 8.10.2014, 08:58
re: How is the Inquisitor UI made?
Hello Angel, I'm afraid that I won't be able to answer your question because I wasn't part of the development team. And those who created UI in Inquisitor do not visit this forum.
Angel Venkov ( - 7.10.2014, 13:28
How is the Inquisitor UI made?
Hey guys,

I was browsing Steam for some great historic RPG and I got very impressed from Inquisitor. I have always been into RPGs and love what your team has been working on.

Nowadays players provide a lot more feedback on what they would like to see and play. I am wondering how do you constantly keep up with delivering on the expectations which the audience has. As strategy games are quite menu heavy in terms of UI I wanted to ask you how do you build the user interface for the Inquisitor.

I am part of a company called Coherent Labs which specializes in user interface and we are always interested in the best practices for UI development.

Thank you for your time.

Looking forward to hear your professional experience.

Angel Venkov

Marketing Director
Coherent Labs
Martin Kovar ( - 1.10.2014, 09:44
re: A problem with manual saves
You are welcome, I'm glad it helped. By the way, I would suggest you to use more manual save slots. There is always a chance a memory leak will occur (you can tell that by red squares in the interface) - if you make a quicksave or autosave in that moment, you risk that your save will get corrupted and you will not be able to load it again (which might be what happened to your quicksave).

At any rate, we are glad you enjoy Inquisitor.
RichardA ( - 30.9.2014, 14:30
re: re: A problem with manual saves
Awesome, the first suggestion worked. Thank you!
Great game by the way, love the atmosphere and concept.
Martin Kovar ( - 30.9.2014, 11:22
re: A problem with manual saves
An interesting issue... How about this?
- Delete your "quicksave" folder in the "Inquisitor_SaveGames" folder.
- Launch the game and load the latest AutoSave position.
- Make a quicksave and then a quickload right away.
Does that work? Maybe something wrong happened to the original quicksave folder that prevented the game from quicksaving into it again... Just guessing though...

If not, you could try to turn on the Windows XP compatibility for Inquisitor. It was mentioned on Steam that this could help with loading issues.
RichardA ( - 27.9.2014, 17:10
A problem with manual saves
I have the Steam version of the game.
The game won't load my manual saves (quick saves), only the auto saves.
I have Steam installed on my C drive, with the Inquisitor_SaveGames folder containing DAT and DPK files, the date of the AutoSave files (last time altered) are all correct.
However the quicksave files are not correct, they are not in accordance with the last manual saves. Far example I last played today (2014-09-27) and the AutoSave files recorded that correctly, but the quicksave file show that my last save was in 2014-08-14, the last time I played the game, which is not correct. So I'm not sure what the problem is.
Martin Kovar ( - 16.9.2014, 08:02
re: Bug?
Hi Xavier. No, this is not a bug - he really should not talk to you. If you want to enter the Brotherhood house in Alvaron you must become Seneschal first.
Xavier ( - 16.9.2014, 01:54
Hi, I have arrived to Alvaron, but the master Paladin don't talk to me, he is in front of the Paladin's house. I want to enter there, but I don't know if I can, it's a bug? Please, help me.
Martin Kovar ( - 10.7.2014, 09:17
re: Cant Complete Quest
The herbal for Ellisia can be acquired in Iron Mines (in the surface location before you enter the mines themselves). Orc shaman Revkan should have it on him.
Homersnipe79 ( - 10.7.2014, 02:20
Cant Complete Quest
ok, so I got the quest from Ellisia and went to Asherbalt to get her book. I killed everything on the map, looted everything and I still cant find the book. Help?