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Martin Kovar ( - 8.1.2020, 12:14
re: Multiplayer
Hello Dmech, there is no multiplayer option in Inquisitor unfortunately.
Dmech ( - 7.1.2020, 23:33
May i ask you about options of multiplayer? Couldn´t find any information about the topic
Martin Kovar ( - 12.8.2019, 09:17
re: Patch
Hello Ofir, the latest version of Inquisitor is 1.10.18. Judging from that, I guess you have bought Inquisitor on If so, you can simply re-download the complete installer of the latest version of Inquisitor there.
Ofir ( - 10.8.2019, 13:52
I wanted to know what is the latest version of the game
and if there is a patch I can download to update it?
I had the game for a long time and wanted to play again so I was just wondering.
I have
Martin Kovar ( - 25.2.2019, 12:39
re: Timore won't talk after Curse Joan
Hello Arjen, that's odd - once you have healed Joan you should be able to tell Timore about that and by doing so close the quest. Can you please let me have your latest save so that I could inspect it? You can find your saves in the "Documents\Inquisitor_SaveGames" folder.
Arjen Weima ( - 24.2.2019, 16:44
Timore won't talk after Curse Joan
Hello, I have healed Cursed Joan with the blood but Timore won't talk to me so I can't close the quest. Is there a cheat console to reset the quest? Thanks from Holland!
Martin Kovář ( - 4.2.2019, 12:50
re: Paladins in the Citadel
I think you do have to fight your way down through all of them.
Josef Kutilek ( - 3.2.2019, 07:30
Paladins in the Citadel
Do you have to fight your way down through the paladins to get the Grandmaster Malamert? I slaughtered them but I keep wondering if there was a way to get past them without bloodshed.
Martin Kovar ( - 20.11.2018, 10:26
re: Commedoni and Trisstan
Trisstan will give you his quest regarding Adeleida only if you have the "Find the murderer of King Edward II" quest in your Journal.

As far as Commendoni's approval goes, this can be a little tricky. Did you tell Commendoni about evidence against him or about heretical letters found in the belongings of cardinal Truncquillius? If so, he will give you his consent to arrest Malamert only after you tell him about another evidence against himself. That evidence being certification by Marcius of the handwriting found in the heretical letters, confession of Jean de Guise, and confession of Verenicus. Only after telling him about all these three pieces of evidence will you get his consent. In case you didn't tell him about evidence against him or those heretical letters he should give you his consent with no problem as soon as you get the "Arrest Grand Master Christoffer de Malamert" quest from Jean de Guise.
jkhristian ( - 20.11.2018, 01:02
Commedoni and Trisstan
Commendoni won't give me his approval to arrest Malamert. Ive got to other Tribunal members to agree, but I can't even bring it up with Commendoni. Also, Trisstan won't give me his quest regarding his daughter Adelaida. Any advice?