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Martin Kovar ( - 21.4.2020, 15:45
re: difficulty
It should work like this: The higher the difficulty, the less XP you gain and the tougher your enemies are, but the higher the chances a more powerful magical item will be randomly generated. As far as recommendations go, some players prefer easy difficulty because of weaker enemies, while other players prefer hard difficulty because of those powerful magical items. I even believe that the most powerful magical items are not available on lower difficulties.
lucas ( - 19.4.2020, 04:16
What varies from one difficulty to another? which is recommended?
lucas ( - 18.4.2020, 19:46
the last version
well, just in case I update it. Thanks
Martin Kovar ( - 15.4.2020, 11:19
re: the last version
The latest version of Inquisitor is 1.10.18. It is a small update featuring the following changes:
- Jacques de Pulein can now join the player again even if there are others in the group already.
- A certain secret door on the first floor of the Ecclesiastical Tomb in Alvaron can be opened now.
- Player will always hand Natalia Reichmann over to her father no matter what response he chooses.
- If player kills Olfghard his quest will be canceled now in case the player received it before.
- Player will not get stuck in a quest to kill Istwan de Bragho anymore if he one-hit "kills" him before his initial dialogue.
- Various other changes in the texts.
lucas ( - 12.4.2020, 01:54
the last version
I have the game from a few years ago and I want to know what the latest version is today and I also want to know what the improvements are compared to version 1.10.17 that is the one I have. Thanks.
Martin Kovar ( - 8.1.2020, 12:14
re: Multiplayer
Hello Dmech, there is no multiplayer option in Inquisitor unfortunately.
Dmech ( - 7.1.2020, 23:33
May i ask you about options of multiplayer? Couldn´t find any information about the topic
Martin Kovar ( - 12.8.2019, 09:17
re: Patch
Hello Ofir, the latest version of Inquisitor is 1.10.18. Judging from that, I guess you have bought Inquisitor on If so, you can simply re-download the complete installer of the latest version of Inquisitor there.
Ofir ( - 10.8.2019, 13:52
I wanted to know what is the latest version of the game
and if there is a patch I can download to update it?
I had the game for a long time and wanted to play again so I was just wondering.
I have
Martin Kovar ( - 25.2.2019, 12:39
re: Timore won't talk after Curse Joan
Hello Arjen, that's odd - once you have healed Joan you should be able to tell Timore about that and by doing so close the quest. Can you please let me have your latest save so that I could inspect it? You can find your saves in the "Documents\Inquisitor_SaveGames" folder.