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Martin Kovar ( - 24.6.2015, 07:50
re: New project
Hello Tomislav, as far as I know there is no game similar to Inquisitor planned for now. We are focusing on Rytmik Ultimate, PC ports of The Keep and Gyro13, and The Keep II.
Tomislav ( - 24.6.2015, 05:11
New project
Hi, will you do another game similar to Inquisitor?

Best regards

Martin Kovar ( - 14.5.2015, 08:12
re: clicking on companions
Hi ernest, unfortunately there is no way to prevent this from happening, you just have to do your best to avoid clicking on them, even when in the heat of battle. At any rate, we are glad you like our game despite this nuisance.
ernest ( - 14.5.2015, 06:23
clicking on companions
I really love this game and currently addicted to it. Its awesome. Just a questionL I have 2 companions right now - a dog and a paladin following me. When we go to dungeons where its narrow, I keep accidentally clicking on my companions and opens up a dialogue box every time. Is there a way to stop this from happening? In the heat of battle its quite annoying that a dialogue box opens asking if I should keep my companion or not. Thank you!!

Martin Kovar ( - 16.4.2015, 09:13
re: Three dead girls
You can add these dead bodies into your inventory this way:
- press ~ (next to 1)
- type:
\givenewitem ObetniMrtvola1
\givenewitem ObetniMrtvola2
\givenewitem ObetniMrtvola3

You could find which body you actually miss by their descriptions, but I think that you can add all of them and drop or destroy those two spare bodies you will end with.
TIMELORD ( - 16.4.2015, 02:39
Three dead girls
Help I have two bodies and need the third and have no idea where I put it. Please please help me . Thanks ahead of time JMG
Martin Kovar ( - 26.1.2015, 10:03
re: Add Steam Cloud support!
Thanks for your opinion, Vladislav, but I do not think that these Steam features will be added into Inquisitor. It would require some changes in the game code and I'm afraid that is something we cannot do now.
Vladislav Gerasimenko ( - 23.1.2015, 15:41
Add Steam Cloud support!
I understand that your game is Classic Old-School RPG, but guys, c'mon 6.99$ bucks just for conversion to Steam and adding your game in their library? You release game in 2012, and missing such features as: Steam Cloud, Achievements, Trading Cards it's really negligence.
Don't understand me wrong, your game is piece of art. As consumer and gamer i just want a better service and quality of product, thats all.
I wish luck to your team and better sales ^_^
Martin Kovar ( - 20.1.2015, 10:35
re: Inquisitor 2
Hello Roger, we are glad you like Inquisitor, but alas, no video game sequel is in the works yet.
Roger ( - 20.1.2015, 06:23
Inquisitor 2
Is such a game under development?

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed playing Inquisitor. You guys got this game right on so many levels.

I would like to support your efforts if you are working on a sequel.

Thanks for your time.