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Martin Kovar ( - 7.9.2017, 08:11
re: Patch 1.10.18 GOG
Hello Andy, we are glad you like our game. As for the patch on GOG, I'm sure it will be released there sooner or later as well. It usually takes us longer to release new patches/translations on GOG than on Steam. Luckily, the latest patch doesn't contain any critical fixes and GOG users aren't missing anything terribly important. At any rate, sorry for the delay.
Andy ( - 6.9.2017, 13:53
Patch 1.10.18 GOG
Dear Cinemax,

first of all, I'd like to say that your game is like no other RPG. One of the most immersive games I've ever played, and with one of the most interesting plot too. To the point!
Do you guys plan to release the new patch on GOG too? Because all I can see is 1.10.17, and no updates. Or am I doing something wrong? It's possible.

With reverence
Martin Kovar ( - 6.9.2017, 08:13
re: Inquisitor - Italian Translation
Hello Al Faraday, thanks for your interest in the Italian translation of Inquisitor. As far as I know no one has made this translation yet and if you would like to give it a try we would be more than happy to assist you. I can see an email regarding the Italian translation in my inbox - is that one from you? It would be better to discuss the details over email which means if you didn't send that email, please let me know your email address so that we could move forward.
Al Faraday - 25.8.2017, 23:48
Inquisitor - Italian Translation
Hi, I saw that no one ever did an italian translation ofr the game. Searching through the web I
found a topic on an italian forum where a user has posted the game file for the translation
(I took a look at that file, these are files for item descriptions, NPC names, etc.), but it seems
that no one has ever done a full game translation.

Personally I'd like to try to translate the game file (I know english very well, so I think i could
done the job), but first I'd like to know a thing: if I would make the translation, how
I can then play the translated game ? Knowing that I'm not on Steam nor GOG (a friend of
mine has downloaded the game and then he lent me it to try).

Dunno if you could be interested in translating your game in italian, but if yes and if it is
possibile to use the translation even if im' not registered on Steam & GOG, let me know that.

Waiting for a reply, I'll thank you for your time.
Piotr (new) - 21.7.2017, 13:21
kingdom of pandemonium
Hi Martin. Yesterday i realised that you only have to be level 6 in Magic of Miracles to use this spell and had 8 skill points to spend thanks to leveling up in kingdom of destruction so it went quite smooth :) Thank god, because these teleporters were giving me a headache. Thanks.
Martin Kovar ( - 21.7.2017, 08:50
re: kingdom of pandemonium
Hi Piotr, I'm sure there is a way to get through the Kingdom of Pandemonium without the Levitation spell but I'm afraid I don't know it (because I was playing as a priest and had that spell in my Spellbook). I think that those without this spell have to experiment with all those levers placed around some of the areas of this Kingdom because they might switch destinations of nearby teleporters.

Or, you could also cheat a bit, add a few skill points and invest them into the Magic of Miracles so that you could cast the Levitation spell (provided you know this field of magic, have learnt the Levitation spell and your character meets Intelligence and Level requirements for this spell as well, of course).
Piotr ( - 20.7.2017, 15:59
kingdom of pandemonium
Hi! Is there any way to get pass these strange pits to kill the knights in kingdom of pandemonium, apart from levitation spell? As a thief I didn't bother to much with spells so my magic levels are not high enough to use it. Thanks.
Martin Kovar ( - 9.5.2017, 09:16
re: inquisitor
Try to discuss it with Sheriff Smith in West Glatzburg.
Shiva Prasad ( - 8.5.2017, 11:45
I have Montreux head with I need to know from whom the quest will be given.
Martin Kovar ( - 23.11.2016, 08:43
re: inquisitor
Hi shiva, I haven't played as a paladin or thief much, but the condition for Rodrigo de Velacor to answer your question should be the same for all classes and all difficulty levels - you have to meet a certain "popularity" with him. Unfortunately, I don't know what affects this - maybe you have to complete some other quests first, if you still have some of them unfinished.