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Martin Kovar ( - 17.4.2014, 11:18
re: Action bars
•??´: The fact is that the original Czech version of Inquisitor was released in 2009 and received nine patches. Three years later, the English translation was finally ready and the game was released on GOG/Desura/GamersGate in an updated version containing another patch. Another year later, the Steam version was released patched again and one more patch has been prepared for the game since. But from the developers' point of view, it has been almost five years since the game was released which is why "I cannot guarantee you that this will be solved"...
•??´ ( - 16.4.2014, 20:54
re: Martin Kovar
"since Inquisitor is an older game I cannot guarantee you that this will be solved" excuse me but this game released on Steam platform relatively recently.I and many others ppl who loves old school games bought it to support the developers so i think conversations about this game old so it may noy receive update the community wants is unacceptable.
thorium ( - 15.4.2014, 18:40
quickbar slots
Hey there,

I'd like to add my name to the chorus asking for more quickbar slots! I've just started my Priest, and my first thought was "Are there really only ten slots?" Please patch the UI and add more! Other than that, I'm very impressed thus far with many aspects of the game, and look forward to spending a long time (and multiple playthroughs!) getting to know the world you've created.

Best wishes,
Martin Kovar ( - 15.4.2014, 10:55
re: Action bars
Hello •??´, we are aware of this inconvenience and I have already made a note of it, but since Inquisitor is an older game I cannot guarantee you that this will be solved...
Martin Kovar ( - 15.4.2014, 10:49
re: v češtině?
Dobrý den, samozřejmě. Pokud byste chtěl krabičku, můžete si ji koupit například zde:

Jestliže krabičku nechcete, můžete si hru koupit třeba na, odkud si lze stáhnout jak anglickou, tak českou verzi. Nebo si můžete koupit hru na Steamu a zažádat si v diskuzi nebo e-mailem o češtinu pro tuto verzi.
•??´ ( - 14.4.2014, 22:41
Action bars
Im not alone .
Please do smthn.
•??´ ( - 14.4.2014, 22:37
Action bars
Greetings Inquisitor Team! First of all i want to thank you for this gr8 game.
Played before, recently bought it on Steam. Im writing to you with one question and perhaps with supplication. Im playing priest first time,15 lvl student in 5 schools and i alrdy didnt have the place for my spells. 1-3 potions, 4-8 spells, 9-0 seals moreover i cant use spells from my spellbook i have to place them in action bar use it and swap with another one. I like to walk with blessings i have (Bless,Insight,Endurance etc.)So here it's how could you be so kind and do smthn with this. Second action bar, key bindings would be gr8.
Awaiting for your reply.
standa ( - 13.4.2014, 10:51
v češtině?
zdravim, existuje i hra v češtině, kde by se dala ziskat?
all_zebest - 3.4.2014, 07:10
French translation
Sorry, I will write in French...
Bonjour a tous les joueurs d'Inquisitor. Je suis en train de recruter une équipe de traducteurs bénévoles. Si vous etes bon en anglais et incollable en grammaire française, et qu'un projet de longue haleine ne vous effraie pas, contactez-moi sur RPG France et envoyez-moi un MP :
Merci !
Martin Kovar ( - 14.3.2014, 08:03
re: Thanks you for a great game!
Thank you, Liviu. We are glad you appreciate our game.