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Martin Kovar ( - 25.7.2016, 07:48
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva, you have to enter the second level through the bottom entrance, then head to the room at the very bottom of this level. There should be a Raptorman who drops a Lizard's Key for the gate on the first level that leads to the middle exit to the second level.
Shiva prasad ( - 24.7.2016, 12:24
hi, I can't able to open the Devil caverns level 1 gate which leads to middle gate that opens to the middle part of the second level. please guide me where I can get the key.
Martin Kovar ( - 13.7.2016, 08:29
re: inquisitor
Hi Shiva, a priest can become Curial Inquisitor by completing the quest to find out who killed King Edward II. There are two NPCs that can promote him for this - Cardinal Commendoni and Gustapho Letti. A paladin can become Seneschal by completing the same quest and killing at least 500 "monsters". Christoffer de Malamert can promote him for this. A thief can become Grand Duke by completing the same quest and paying 15,000 gold pieces to the Royal Treasury. Grand Duke Drake Lambert can promote him for this.
Shiva prasad ( - 13.7.2016, 06:24
hi, although I complete the task assigned to enter into alvaron tower of righteous, I can't make it as the game gets finished once prince Louis rise. same thing happens when playing as priest or thief. is it possible to get the promotional title at alvaron and how?
Martin Kovar ( - 12.7.2016, 08:16
@MMRashad: As suspected, we have no GOG keys that we could give out, unfortunately.

Yes, both versions are the same. Inquisitor should detect all available resolutions automatically which means their offer shouldn't change when switching between GOG and Steam versions on the same computer. But in case your desired resolution is missing in the game now, you can try to force it manually by editing the "Documents\Inquisitor_SaveGames\d3dparams.ini" file - just change the InitialScreenWidth, InitialScreenHeight and MaxRefreshRate lines there.

As far as magic is concerned, I'm afraid only the developers would know how it works precisely, and they do not visit this forum. I just know that there are several factors that matter when casting spells, like the Magical Resistance of the enemy, your mastery level in the field of magic the spell belongs to, if you are exhausted at the moment (because of low Stamina or because you were hit by a special attack that causes Exhaustion), and some other factors.
doom ( - 12.7.2016, 06:36
How the magic damage work and count?
Hi I'm totally confuse on the magic damage, I dono the dice system work so can u help me and explain how's the magic damage work of? Like 2D4, 5D6 or something like that , thanks
Doom ( - 12.7.2016, 06:06
Resolution and version problem
Hi I got this game on both gog and steam , and I mostly play on gog version, but I move my save file to steam last night and seem like the option of the screen resolution choice become less, so I wan to ask the gog version inquisitor same with steam version or not??
Martin Kovar ( - 11.7.2016, 09:09
Those ghosts could be spirits of the dead Thron citizens... I wasn't thinking about this myself and we would have to ask the devs directly to be sure, but this assumption seems valid to me. And yes, companions can be a liability in Inquisitor sometimes - and the farther you get the bigger liability they seem to become.

As far as Istwan is concerned, if you have talked to him first (to find out he is immortal), have talked to Enrie Jungwirdt about him (to find out how to kill him - you must have a note in your Journal saying "The wise woman Enrie Jungwirdt advised me that the undead Duke Istwan de Bragho could only be slain with holy water."), and have Holy Water in your inventory, your character should automatically use it as soon as you beat him in the fight next time.

@MMRashad: I know we were giving out Steam keys to those that had bought Inquisitor on before the game got greenlit on Steam, but I'm not sure if we have any GOG keys at all that we could hand out. I will have to ask around...
MMRashad ( - 9.7.2016, 01:09
On multiple sites
I got your wonderful game on Steam a year ago and just now got to fully invest time in playing it. I love it! Is there any way for me to get the GOG version for free? I want it because they normally make their games compatible on modern systems and add graphic mods to enhance the quality.
SirConti ( - 6.7.2016, 22:23
Istwan bugg?
I have the holy water (bought in Hilbrandt) and I talked to Ernie(?) and I can't kill this dude... How?