To fulfill your holy mission, you will be able to choose one of three main characters—a priest, a paladin or a thief. Each character is endowed with many skills that will enable you to develop your character into never-thought-of heights. Skills that the characters possess are of two kinds—common skills with which each character is provided, and unique skills that make abysmal differences among main characters and will thus allow you to try out three wholly different gameplay strategies. It will be up to you only what skills and attributes you will decide to develop for your character—the game is really very flexible in this respect, so that two priests for example can differ from each other like day and night.

Amongst the common skills of all three main characters there are:

Melee Combat
increases hit probability and inflicted damage when attacking with hand arms.
Ranged Combat
increases hit probability and inflicted damage when firing the bow or thrusting throwing weapons.
Armor Use
increases defense against all types of physical attacks and allows for usage of better protective wear.
allows to automatically reveal hidden objects, such as secret passageways, caches with treasures and deadly traps.
allows the main character to identify found magical items without having to visit a merchant.

Description of main characters and their skills:


The priest comes from the bosom of the Holy Mother Church who through its Holy Office fights against all forms of heresy in the Realm. The priest has the most extensive knowledge of magic arts of all characters which means that he above all is suitable to pursue magical skills. Among his special skills there is:

Holy Aura
negatively influences all enemies in sight and makes all forms of attack against the priest (whether physical or magical) difficult for them.
decreases the amount of received damage.
drives fear into the veins of enemies and improves relationships with other characters.
decreases the amount of mana needed to cast a magic formula.
improves effects and duration of potions.
Mana Restoration
enables to restore mana, but at the expense of stamina.
allows the priest to look into the spiritual plane of the world, thanks to which invisible and hiding creatures can be seen and the might of characters’s own magic formulas can be heighten.


The paladin is a member of the knightly order of the Brotherhood of the Righteous, an opposing force standing up against the boundless authorities of the Holy Office. He is called up mainly to fight, and his special skills correspond that:

Shield Use
improves defensive capabilities of shields against all forms of physical attack.
increases the amount of paladin’s hit points.
Holy Protection
increases paladin’s magic resistance which enables him to better withstand magical attacks.
Enemy Estimation
reveals some of enemy’s characteristics, thanks to which paladin gains numerous advantages during a fight.
Divine Strike
increases the probability and amount of damage of the critical hit, the most powerful blow in the game.
increases defense abilities of the paladin, but at the expense of his stamina and hit probability.
allows to repair damaged items without having to visit a merchant.


The thief is a former nobleman that was deprived of all property, of his title and nearly of his life as well, which made him an outlaw dependent only on himself. But he got a chance to gain his status back and in that effort his special skills acquired during years spent among the worst scum of the Realm will surely come in handy:

improves communication with other characters and makes prices in shops more favourable.
allows to avoid an attack completely and to return part of the damage back to the enemy.
a surprising attack that increases hit probability and damage amount.
hides the thief from the sight of other characters and allows him to sneak past them undetected.
a handy skill, on the other side of law though.
allows removal of detected traps, and to open locks of doors and chests.
Magical Attack
allows support to the thief’s weapon attack with magical powers that inflict much bigger amount of damage.

The main character can gradually improve in all craft and magical skills and attain higher levels of knowledge that will bring him other possibilities and improvements. Levels of these skills are:

  • Apprentice - level 1
  • Disciple - level 6
  • Journeyman - level 11
  • Master - level 16