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Diquisitiones Magicae - book of magic of miracles

Spells: Insight / Word of an Angel / Blade of Fire / Locust Swarm / Levitation /
Salvation / Sacrifice / Halo / Archangel’s Power / Divine Wrath

Adanabius of Hognar, the Seeking Mystic, became famous thanks to his Diquisitiones Magicae which was originally considered to be heretical and thus forbidden by some priests because it revealed principles of miracles. Nevertheless the book was fully rehabilitated by the Adavian Council in 1008 as one of the paths of discovering divine truth.

Adanabius deals in his work with angelic beings and divine miracles of immense power and shows how the faithful and meek servants of God Almighty are granted these gifts by the Creator of both Heaven and Earth. Such a teaching thus disrupts the original dogma of the Holy Mother Church according to which miracles can be performed only by God Almighty, His angelic emissaries or by prophets.

  • This spell temporarily increases perception of the target and penetration of his spells.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The perception bonus increases with the mastery level of the caster. Also restoration of mana is faster.

One of the miracles from the times of saint prophets most frequently described in the Holy Scripture was insight. It was an ability the prophets could use to uncover pretense and hidden traps of both human and infernal origin by a single look. By thorough studies of this phenomena and many experiments the thinkers who were focusing on this area of magic found a magical formula which gives one the ability of insight similar to the ability described in the Holy Scripture.

Word of an Angel
  • This spell causes certain physical damage.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The higher the mastery level of the caster, the better penetration of this spell.

The Holy Scripture says that a word of an angel can bring not only encouragement and consolation but pain and death as well. Thanks to divine mercy the prophets gained the same ability too and through spiritual thinkers and church scholars who were working on this area of magic all the faithful blessed with the gift of magic were also granted it. This spell magically multiplies the resonance of words of divine wrath which inflict damage on anyone the spell has been cast on.

Blade of Fire
  • This spell adds fire damage to every successful attack no matter what kind of weapon the caster uses.
  • Only the caster can be the target of this spell.
  • Duration of this spell increases with the mastery level of the caster.

The Holy Scripture speaks of several occasions when archangel Gabriel using his Sword of Flame punished a treacherous faithful who committed a crime against the Lord Creator and refused to repent. All the thirteen prophets were also given the ability to turn their weapons into a flame of divine wrath, that is into an instrument of archangel Gabriel himself. Only little effort was needed then to transform the ability to set a blade on fire to a magical formula and uncover it to all the magically talented faithful.

Locust Swarm
  • This spell inflicts physical damage during its time of effect.
  • Any being can be the target of this spell.
  • The wounds inflicted by the summoned grasshoppers increase with the mastery level of the caster.

Miracles are manifestations of divine grace as well as of divine wrath. God gives and God takes. Therefore the Holy Scripture speaks of miracles which punish those who refused to repent and went on living in sin setting a bad example to the others. An example of such a miracle is prophet Ezekiel’s summoning of a locust swarm at the village of Furae in the Gorgis desert whose inhabitants turned away from God after a disastrous series of famines and started to worship the pagan Goddess of Harvest Vesna. The grasshoppers ate the poor remains of their harvest as well as the cattle and everyone else in the village. Their bones stayed there for decades as proof that believing in God is better than worshipping dead idols. The act of summoning the swarm became an inspiration for creation of the Locust Swarm spell which corresponds to the above mentioned story told in the Holy Scripture.

  • This spell allows the caster to walk over dangerous places such as chasms, lava and acid pools etc. that are otherwise quite deadly. Doors can be telekinetically opened by casting this spell on it. It is also possible to pick distant items up using this spell.
  • Only the main character and his party, a door or an item can be the target of this spell.
  • The amount of mana needed to cast this spell decreases with the mastery level of the caster.

The prophet Matheus—being a follower of the First Prophet—found himself in many dangerous situations in the course of his life and he often managed to save his life thanks to a miracle only. On his visit to the city of Kassmus the Erebornian soldiers pursued him for a mass he served to a river dock where they surrounded him. Matheus protected by his faith stepped on the water surface and miraculously crossed the river Bonthra on feet. That was the first known case of levitation which was then turned to a formula of one spell of magic of miracles.

  • Target of this spell can’t die during its time of effect. If he looses his last hit point, other wounds are subtracted from his mana. However the number subtracted from mana is doubled. If the target looses all mana, this spell is cancelled and the target dies.
  • Only the caster can be the target of this spell.
  • Duration of this spell increases with the mastery level of the caster.

Salvation is the central idea of any religion. If one lives in humility, worships the Lord and resists the seduction of the devil his soul will be redeemed after he dies and he will pass to the divine kingdom in heaven. So far we have been speaking of the salvation of the soul. However the Holy Scripture also speaks of situations when the life of a human being is miraculously saved. What happens in such cases is that physical and spiritual sides of a human become interconnected and the wounds inflicted to a body are taken by the spiritual part instead. The Salvation spell uses the same principle.

  • This spell causes an immediate stamina loss and transforms it to hit points.
  • Only caster can be the target of this spell.
  • The amount of hit points added increases with the mastery level of the caster.

Self-sacrifice is considered to be the main theme of the true faith. The First Prophet sacrificed himself for all of humanity to redeem its sins by a martyr’s death on the cross. The Holy Scripture speaks of many miracles which take place when somebody sacrifices himself for the true faith. The element of sacrifice and the appreciation which follows helped to create a magical formula which uses the spiritual state of mind in conjuction with the body to convert the sacrificed stamina to healing powers which recover the caster.

  • Any being that attacks the caster of this spell during the time of its effect takes physical damage.
  • Only the caster can be the target of this spell.
  • Damage inflicted to the enemy increases with the mastery level of the caster.

A halo is a magical symbol of spiritual power, self-sacrifice, purity and above all the determination to spread the true faith all around the world thus contributing to the development of Kingdom of God on Earth. Therefore the halo was granted not only to the angels, prophets and saints but also to those who somehow made the true faith stronger. The halo makes its bearer untouchable and anyone who dares to confront him will be justly punished. A formula based on this principle was created which draws on the spiritual purity of the caster, multiplies it and turns it into currents of power which wound anyone who dares to attack the caster.

Archangel’s Power
  • This spell increases spell penetration, gives the caster a bonus to all resistance attributes, increases magic resistance and improves attack and defense.
  • Only the caster can be the target of this spell.

According to the Holy Scripture the angels are gifted with a miraculous spiritual and physical power which enables them to practice divine will amongst mortals, even in cases where they encounter an opposition of the faithless. The archangel Gabriel has the biggest strength of all for he owns a sword of flames which weighs as much as the sins of all humanity together. That is why this spell which can for a short period of time support both body and spirit, thus strengthening a faithful in his fight for keeping the Kingdom of God on Earth unspoiled, has been named after Gabriel.

Divine Wrath
  • This spell causes lightning damage to any being, door or barrel that stays in the area of effect. Doors protected by magic cannot be shattered like this though.
  • Any being, door or barrel in the area of effect can be the target of this spell.

Divine wrath is the most powerful and scariest miracle of which the Holy Scripture as well as many historical resources speak. It is frequently referred to as the wrath of the heavens because it comes from the divine kingdom in heavens. This formula evokes powers similar to those that caused catastrophes described in the book of Shriva—the fall of Bandion and the destruction of Haptaran and Vennia. This spell gathers destructive powers summoned by the just wrath of the caster and multiplied by the spiritual resonance of the formula and channels them at his will.