Inquisitor is available on Steam now! 
That which many of you have been waiting for so patiently is finally here and Inquisitor is available on Steam now. You can find the game in two editions there: the Standard Edition comes with four PDF documents (Game Companion, Book of Armor and Weapons, Book of Magic and Codex Inquisitorium) amounting to more than 150 pages of text, while the Deluxe Edition contains more PDF documents (with Revelation of Ezekiel and a 78-page novel inspired by the game), an artboook with some of the best concepts for the game and a two-hour original soundtrack. 
The Standard Edition of Inquisitor is available for $9,99. The Deluxe Edition is priced at $14,99. But anyone eager to delve deep into this dark world can take advantage of a discount that will be available for a first few days (10% for the Standard Edition, 20% for the Deluxe Edition). 


GameBanshee and RPG France: Inquisitor is Game of the Year 2012 
In the Game of the Year 2012 announcement at GameBanshee, Inquisitor has been honoured with the Best Story/Writing award. “It takes a bold developer to build a game around real-world events and institutions, and it's surprising, after seeing how well they pulled it off, that it doesn't happen more often. Inquisitor is a throwback to days where discovering and learning about a world was at the forefront of the RPG experience,” states GameBanshee the reasons for their decision. 
Not only did Inquisitor get a great review with the rating of 9/10 but now we have received a prestigious award from RPG France as well. To be named alongside the shining gems such as The Witcher 2, Legend of Grimrock, Risen 2: Dark Waters or Skyrim: Dragonborn is certainly an honor for Inquisitor we will cherish for a long time. 


Vote for Inquisitor on Steam Greenlight! 
If you would like for Inquisitor to be available on Steam, you can help us with this effort by voting for the game on Steam Greenlight now. Just log in to your account, go to the Inquisitor's page and press the Thumbs Up button. Thank you. 



Inquisitor is now available for download! 


The wait is over and you can download Inquisitor from GOG.com or Desura.com right now. We hope you will enjoy our game, and in case you run into some difficulties or troubles, just ask your question in their forums where we and other gamers will be able to help you. 
You can also watch a brand new gameplay trailer from GOG.com on their YouTube channel


Famous gameplay collections from Inquisitor...  
Full dubbed videos by GameHorder... 
Excellent job! 
630 gameplay videos from Inquisitor...  
Let's watch RXQ79's YouTube channel with 630 gameplay videos (Czech version of the game): 
1) Inquisitor 1–198 
2) Inquisitor 199–398 
3) Inquisitor 399–598 
4) Inquisitor 599–630 
Thanks, RXQ79! 


And the beta is launched! 
After years of translations and months of proofreading, the English beta begins with all three characters (priest, paladin, and thief) available. The plan says that the beta will run throughout August and the game will be ready for the September release. And remember, if you would like to buy Inquisitor on Steam, support us by joining our Community Group there. 
You can also find several new screenshots on our Facebook page
Stay tuned.


The English website is now online! 
As the release of the English version of Inquisitor is getting closer, it is the right time to launch the English website. Don’t be afraid to check everything it offers to you, such as an extensive introduction to the game world, basics you should know, as well as the details about the main characters or an in-depth overview of all seven fields of magic (both permitted and forbidden). There are even several new screenshots from the English version waiting for you in the Gallery! And even though you have probably seen the official trailer already, you can always watch it again


Playing Inquisitor in 3840×2400 
If you ever wanted to know how it looks when you play Inquisitor in the resolution of 3840×2400, this is the answer. This rare footage comes from the day we were testing Inquisitor on four monitors in our office. 


Join Inquisitor’s community group on Steam 
Are you looking forward to Inquisitor? Is Steam your favourite digital distribution platform? Would you like to buy Inquisitor on Steam? Then help us let Valve know this! Join Inquisitor’s community group on Steam. The more fans, the more probable it is that you will be able to buy Inquisitor there. Join us!


The first English screenshots on Facebook! 
We know that you had to wait for this for a long time, but the waiting is over because the first screenshots from the English version of Inquisitor are finally here! More than a dozen of these fresh images detail the harsh life of the inquisitorial investigator of the Holy Office. Do not waste any more time and check them on Facebook now!